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Web Defacement & Gang Graffiti

As an instructor for Iowa Central Community College’s Criminal Justice Program, Joey Hernandez worked to develop future Law Enforcement personnel by integrating their background in standard law enforcement to  criminal activity on the web. Hernandez strived to make all lesson interactive.

Follow along in the podcast and presentation to see how the inter-workings of Gang Graffiti & Web Defacement are directly integrated.

View the presentation: Web Defacement & Gang Graffiti

Search These Terms To Interact   (At Your Own Risk):

/#Own3d By <<Root.Dark.Team>>

Text Snippet Example:

• @xllLinuxeroDeatllx
• @Mantr@x
• @Br4nd
• @Pr4X!
• @ThopJuliet(Cloud)
• @Shell|Black
• @Maximus Well
• @NodSprut
Notice the common members throughout and with
each of defacement an additional member is added.