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Typosquatting – Cyber Squatting (PDF and Podcast Available)

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Similar To Domain Squatting
–Targets BRAND NAME domains
–Relies on typographical errors made by direct input URLs
–Often involved with illegal activity
–Also used for FINANCIAL gain
• According to Brandjacking Index, the risk of brand misuse worldwide is the highest in US, Germany and UK.
–59%+ all websites using brand names for illegal purposes originate from these three countries.
• Organization Focused on defeating these efforts

•Condition: Users continue to manually type URLs
•The possibility of suffering “harm” is HIGH
•Consequences: Cisco Global Threat Report 4Q10
–The rate of web malware encounters peaked in October 2010, at 250 average encounters per enterprise for the month
–Web malware grew by 139 percent in 2010 compared to 2009
–Malware continues to evolve
–Economic Hardship brings out “The Best”
–Users: “They Still Fall For Phishing Email”
–Cyber Espionage
–Mobile Devices “Those keys are too Small”